5 Best non slip exercise mat 2021

Are you a little confused about which is the best non slip exercise mat in 2021? If yes, then this complete guide is for you exercise lovers.

In this blog post, I want to share the Best non slip fitness mat that will break down your slip problem.

An exercise mat is good for a home workout, Gym lovers, and yoga also.

There are tons of benefits of doing workouts at home with a mat but I will explain important one like -No expensive gym memberships, no long commute to and from your workouts, and privacy to exercise where you’re most comfortable.

Before picking a best non slip exercise mat uk, first you need to understand what type of mat you should want depends on which type of exercise you are performing, what kind of cushioning you like, and how much space you have in your room.

If you pick up the wrong mat then this will create problems while doing training

Some of the problems include Slipping, bunching, and tearing are signs of a poor quality mat and can lead to injury for you and hardwood also.

So, while choosing the exercise mat make sure it is non slip.

After doing a lot of research, I have found the best non slip exercise mat in 2021.

List of 5 best non slip exercise mat 

HemingWeigh 1 inch Thick Yoga Mat, Extra Thick

HemingWeigh 1 inch Thick Yoga Mat, Extra Thick

Hemingweigh thick yoga mat comes with multi-purpose exercise mat for workouts lovers have high-density anti-tear premium foam material.

Thick form cushions are designed especially for absorbing the shocks of impact during a workout.

The material used in this best non slip exercise mat is made up of nitrile butadiene rubber which a type of polymer. 

Made with soft, flexible, and non-toxic NBR material to keep your health at ease. Best smart choice for nature-caring yogis like you.

The best thing about HemingWeigh exercise mat has double-sided non slip surface on this large kneeling pad creates the firm grip with the floor surface that should prevent you from sliding and keeps you safe while doing training.

The company design this item as an easy way for travelers person some benefits include easy transport and storage.

It is good for people that love to bring fitness carpets to yoga classes or fitness classes.

This item is long enough for stretching and Wide enough for movement during training, Great for Ashtanga yoga and even Hatha yoga.


Length-70 inches long.

Wide-23 inches wide.

Thickness-0.79 inches thick.

Weight of product-3.15 Pounds.


1 This product is fit for all-purpose use, which can be used in various workouts which I have listed above.

2 This product is very portable and keeps anywhere, 

if you are a traveler person but do not miss any daily workout routine this product is good for your need.

3 Light in weight technology enhances the purchasing power of this mat.


1 Sometimes it creates sound when your stretch.

2 I think the odor of this item is a little bit strong that takes time to go away.

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Heathyoga Eco-Friendly Non Slip Yoga Mat

Heathyoga Eco-Friendly Non Slip Yoga Mat

At Heathyoga, all products are designed with yogis’ needs in mind. 

No matter you are a beginner or an expert, you can rely on us because we are here to ensure your comfortable yoga journey! Said by company

Health yoga eco-friendly non slip exercise mat has a double layer design matches various non slip requirement from your body and surface for this reason we called it premium standard mat.

The important thing in this mat has each side has an anti-slip texture to provide the perfect grip power that prevents slipping during practice.

Our best non slip workout mat has no latex, no PVC, or any heavy metal.

Our mats are made of SGS certified TPE material which is non-slip, odor-less, and excellent in cushioning, unlike that cheap & traditional non-green PVC, NBR, or EVA yoga mats. 

Health yoga in build technology of body alignment system which enhances the focus and adjusts your hand and feet to the perfect position, which keeps us your body in correct alignment.


Length-72 inches in length.

Breadth-26 inches.

Thickness-0.25 inches thick.

Weight of the item-2.2 pounds. 


1 Specially designed for yoga lovers like you.

2 Extra large non slip exercise mats longer and than regular yoga mats.

3 Best quality yoga mats at a good price.

4 The grip is the best, with no slipping or moving around during exercise classes.


1 Don't leave it in a hot area.

2 There is a strong odor when you open the mat that goes away after 3 days to a week

3 It is slippered when you sweat on it.

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TOPLUS Non Slip Yoga Mat

TOPLUS Non Slip Yoga Mat

This best non slip exercise mat has a double-sided non slip texture which can reduce the chances of falling during yoga classes.

Upgraded TOPLUS Non slip yoga mat is made with TPE form material which is of high quality.

The question arises when people are asking, is it worth it?

In brief, I will explain it is worth it when you compare it with non-green PVC, NBR, and EVA yoga mats.

Because of the TPE material used in this large non slip exercise mat, TPE provides the latest technological improvement over traditional yoga mats that available in the market.

TOPLUS Best thick non slip exercise mat comes in  6mm thickness provides the most comfortable experience with various levels of yogis.

This soft non slip exercise mat comes in lightweight which is good enough to carry carpet anywhere you want i.e home to gym or yoga classes to home.


Length-72 inches in length

Breadth-24 inches wide

Thickness-6mm thick

wright of the product- Not known


1 Waterproof non slip exercise mat with skid-resistant, Waterproof surface with anti-slip lines on both front and back of the mat.

2 Works great for Bikram yoga.

3 Perfect yoga mat for travelers.

4 Smell fades quickly.


1 Little bit of a smell when you open the first time.

2 Keeps the curl after being rolled up, which means you have to roll it with the top facing out.

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Dralegend non slip fitness mat

Dralegend non slip fitness mat

The best non slip exercise mat name drag legend made up of Made premium TPE material in 3 layers - anti-skid surface, a middle layer of hot compress tech for extra density, and a bottom tear.

This is the best combination for durability and longer life.

TPE material used in this extra-large non slip exercise mat absorbs moisture and reducing the risk of injury during yoga classes.

Easy to carry and easy to use roll and packed whenever you want and take it anywhere as you want with almost no burden.

Dralegend best thick non slip exercise mat comes with a thickness of 0.24 inches that ensures plenty of support with just a good amount of cushion for your joints.

As you know no one enjoys sliding, right?

Yep, you need a safe fitness mat like dralegend upgraded with non slip texture for better grip on both sides of the carpet.


Length-72 inches in length

Breadth-26 inches wide

Thickness-0.24 inches thick

Weight of the product-32 ounce


1 It is odorless as compared to other mats.

2 Easy to clean with soap water, and rinse it underwater.

3 Dralegend mat comes only in 32-ounce weight which is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere you want.


1 No grip on the top surface of the mat.

2 Please keep away from pets because my friend's cat loved it and chewed holes in it after day three...so yeah...keep it away from pets!

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Gruper Yoga Mat Non Slip

Gruper Yoga Mat Non Slip

Why choose gruper large non slip exercise mat?

Here the best non slip exercise mat gruper is made up of TPE material which is perfect for the body and environment also because TPE material is highly recommended by yoga teachers.

Gruper best non slip exercise mat comes in different colors such as golden pink-gray, purple cyan, blue orange, and gray-blue to make your exercise life colorful.

The material used in this mat i.e (TPE) has a higher density when compared to other fitness mats which do not have TPE material in them.

Are you planning to do a high-intensity workout?

Then gruper yoga non slip exercise mat is for you!

Why I am saying gruper fit for a high-intensity workout?

You don't need to worry about yoga mat breaking or something else because of material used in this carpet is well good for performing the high-intensity workout.

The tilt angle of the yoga mat and the ground floor is approx65 degrees. 

The mobile phone will not slip anyway, and the anti-slip features added in the best non slip exercise mat visible to the naked eye also.


Length-72.05 inch in length

Breadth-24.02 inches wide

Thickness-0.24 inches thick

Weight of the product-0.75 kg


1 Elasticity does not break down even after a long time.

2 Work great for a high-intensity workout.

3 Perfect mat for exercise and yoga also.


1 Smell Sometimes it is really.

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How to choose the best non slip exercise mat

Many types of non slip workout mats are available in the market but the problem is on how to choose the best non slip exercise mat for yoga classes or home gym.

The key point which should keep in mind before picking an exercise mat

1 Fitting

Thickness is a very important role before picking any workout mat.

Thickness also depends on what type of stuff are you doing on it, something like that!

If you are doing exercises such as stretching and something like Pilates which you will be barefoot, you should choose a soft mat of 5mm(thickness) because my experience I realized that, it will be comfortable and protect you from floor damage.

2 Size of item

The size of the mat plays an important role on how to choose the best non slip exercise mat.

If you are doing workouts on your fitness mat, where you repeatedly come in contact with the floor many times
For solving this problem

You need to consider a long mat

An Exercise mat is about

Thickness-1.27 cm thick.

Length-152.4 cm in length.

Breadth- 60.96 cm wide.

3 Durability scale.

It is also important when you are a busy human being

Try to choose the  best in the market in terms of durability

It will save you a lot of time to wear.

4 Price of the product.

Price is not the important factor but it is,
If you are a budget person and do not have enough money on how to choose the best non slip exercise mat for classes.

Then you should check 3 factors which I have listed above.

If you find a mat which is of good quality, material and comes in your budget, I recommend you to buy them without any headache.

Check out the best exercise mat for jumping rope

How to care for your best non slip exercise mat

After buying any fitness mat there are many ways to care fitness mat without spending any single penny

1 I recommend you to pick the best (mat cleaner) which are available in market 

Here is Yoga Mat Cleaner Safe for All Mats is a perfect choice for you because it composed of natural ingredients which are very helpful for cleaning dirty mat as compared to a harsh chemical cleaner.

When I am going to clean the best non slip exercise mat in 2021, I just give it a few sprays of mat cleaner and wipe it down with a damp cloth.

2 Keep your carpet out of direct sunlight for an extended time.

After doing some survey many rubber mats are degraded if they are left out in direct sunlight for extended periods.

I recommend you to keep away from too hot places because heat can damage the integrity of the mat.

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