How to choose the best yoga and exercise mat 2021

Picking the best mat for exercise or yoga  is a headache process for newbies

Are you new in your exercise classes at home during covid 19?

And don't know how to choose the best exercise/yoga mat?
In this complete guide, I won't share some tips on how to pick the best exercise mat for training.

You are in the correct place.

How to choose | yoga | exercise | mat 2021

After coming from the gym you need to practice some sets to prepare well for the journey of fitness.
In this situation, you will need your mat. 

It is very comfortable to use and more hygienic as compared to sharing mats that available in the gym.

The fitness mat is very useful for home workouts and gym activities. 

When picking the best product for your fitness journey you need to mainly focus on the characteristics of the product, not on price.

Why do you need an exercise mat?

An Interesting question that came to mind is that why do you need an exercise mat?
There are many advantages of choosing a mate for a workout but I will mention some important reasons for choosing a fitness mat that will make your life easier in your fitness journey.

Reasons for buying exercise mat

1 When you lose weight on the treadmill machine.
You should use a mat on the floor to protect it from scratches and grease.

2 It helps you to stay away from exercise injury.
Example- jumping, push-ups, and various workouts.
A hard floor can be very tough on your joints
If your exercise includes jumping or any other high-impact workout.

3 It also protects us from the drop of any heavy workout equipment, the cushion will help to protect us from the floor damage which will cost you money such as breaks in the tile of the floor which is "costly".

4 Absorbs sweat

5 Reduces noise: Putting kettlebells and other sports machines on the matted floor will be noiseless.

How to choose the right exercise mat?

How to choose the right exercise mat?

To pick a workout mat or fitness mat the most important thing to keep in mind is that what type of work you are thinking to do on it and how frequently you train.

According to the fitness market, there are three main criteria to consider before buying an exercise mat or fitness mat.

1 Fitting is comfortable
2 Size of the mat
a)Product dimensions
b)Product material
3 Durability of the mat 
4 Price(additional)


Thickness is a very important criterion before buying any exercise mat.
Thickness also depends on what type of stuff are you doing on it.

If you are doing exercises such as stretching and something like Pilates which you will be barefoot, you should choose a soft mat of 5mm(thickness) because my experience I realized that, it will be comfortable and protect you from floor damage.


The size of the mat plays an important role on how to choose exercise mat
If you are doing workouts on your fitness mat where you repeatedly come in contact with the floor many times this problem will direct you to consider a long mat.

Dimensions of exercise mat 

An Exercise mat is about 
Thickness-1.27 cm thick.
Length-152.4 cm in length.
Breadth- 60.96 cm wide.


It is also important when you are a busy person.
Try to pick up best in the market in terms of durability, It will save your time to wear
If you use your fitness mat regularly, pick one with a protective coating to boost its resistance to wear from sports shoes.


Price is not the important factor but it is
If you are a budget person and do not have enough money on how to pick up the best exercise mat.
You should check the 3 factors which I have listed above.

If you find a product which has good quality and comes in your budget that will be very good for buying them.

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Uses of exercise mat 

1 Exercise mats are generally used for warm-up, cool-down, ab/core, and stretching exercises.

2 Mats can give you support and protection when exercising 
If you do workouts such as jumping, stretching it will give you full support and prevent us from floor injury.

3 It also gives you feel better in contact with the floor. These are for people who have knees, hips sensitive to the floor area.

4 You perform well on a mat on such exercise i.e planks, sit-ups, and stretching workouts.

5 Mats ensures cleanliness.
When working out some guys do not mind getting dirty. Exercise mat enables the protection from the floor to the body and protects it from germs and bacteria.
It acts as a layer between the body and floor 

How to choose a good exercise mat

How to choose the right | exercise | yoga | mat 2021

You should follow some tips on how to choose a good exercise mat in 2021.
Various types of mat have different-different buying guides which I will list below in brief that will help you how to choose a good exercise mat for home gym workouts.

Before getting tips first of all we need to classify mat in various categories

Types of the mat in the fitness industry
1 Yoga mat
2 Pilates mat
3 General purpose exercise mat
These three are important in the fitness market.

Yoga mat

For identifying a yoga mat you just look up and touch the cloth you feel that it is the thinnest mat as compare to other carpets because yoga has a lot of standing poses
to allow for flexibility, lightweight, durability, and also grip.

Yoga mats are simple and easy to clean with soap and water or any suitable detergent prescribed by the manufacturer.

Standard yoga is composed of PVC, closed-cell PVC, cotton, mesh, and rubber

Pro tip-If you consider buying a yoga mat make ensure it has a moisture-absorbent surface to keep you from sleeping on sweat from the yoga mat.

Dimensions of yoga mat

A Yoga mat is about:
Thickness-0.3 to 0.6 cm thick.
Length-120 to 190 cm in length.
Breadth-58 to 100 cm wide.

Pilates mat

A pilate mate is thicker than a yoga mat
Pilates is not very sticky and easy to clean after use.

Some characteristics of Pilates carpet include:

*It has a gripping surface at the bottom so it
Doesn't slide on a smooth surface such as wood floors.
*The upper portion of the mat allows you to slide down because of some sliding Pilates exercise

Dimensions of Pilates mate

A Pilates mat is about
Thickness- 1.5 to 1.9 cm thick.
Length- 140 to 216 cm in length.
Breadth- 58 to 100 cm wide.
These dimensions help you to how to choose a Pilates exercise mat in 2021.

General-purpose exercise mat

GPE mat is short and thick in the material.
This carpet is good for any floor exercise such as sit-ups, planks, squats, and Russian twists.

There are three types of GPE mat available on the market

3 Vinyl
EVA-is lightweight as compared to others and it comes in cheap or budget price.
You may also find the roughness of the sole tear at the soft surface of the carpet.
These mats are comfortable, strong, and environment-friendly.
We know that elastic property goes to its original shape after use.
It is also very good for repeated use.

TPE-Thermoplastic Elastomer material. 

Vinyl-These mats are durable and easy to clean after use.

My views on how to choose an exercise mat

1-In my opinion go for that mat which is light in weight and easily rollable that will solve your problem in carrying mat from home to gym or gym to home and can also prevent shoulder and back fatigue.

2- Look for that mat that is washable in the washing machine this will decrease your effort in the scrubbing of carpet.

3 Go for the mat with which has a moisture-absorbing property which I have explained above.

These are some tips on how to choose a good exercise mat for a home workout in 2021. So, which mat is right for you? Comment down below!

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