Exercise mat vs yoga mat ultimate guide 2021(solved)

Exercise mat vs yoga mat little bit confused?

In this guide, I want to break down this problem in easy ways.

Before getting started we need to understand why we need a mat?

In this workout situation, you need an exercise mat to perform well in the journey of health and fitness right?

Exercise mat vs yoga mat

Which one to choose and Is there a difference between a yoga mat and an exercise mat?

We already know that and research also says that the human body needs at least 45 hours of exercise every day to live healthy and longer too.

But how we get fit?

We get fit by doing some workouts like yoga poses, planks, pilates, strength training, and aerobics workouts.

To reach your destination you need workout mats to practice your exercise ultimately.

But a problem arises when some people little confused between yoga mat vs exercise mat?

Before solving this problem

Firstly we need to understand

What is an exercise mat?

Commonly known as gym mat these are for gymnastics, fitness trainer, and exercises such as planks, strength training stretching, jumping, etc.

Most exercises are performed on an exercise mat is either lying or seated down.
It reduces the risk of injury when you are performing jumping.

The thickness of the exercise mat could be - 1 to 3 inches approx.

This layer acts as a cushion between your body and floor that is why it also reduces the risk of a knee injury.

These mats are helpful for bodyweight exercises not for high-impact training.

*Fitness/exercise mats are made thicker as compare to yoga mats and design to lessen the impact of falls.

*It also acts as a layer between body and floor that will enhance your performance.

What is a yoga mat?

Yoga mats are made thinner as compared to exercise mats this made them easy to clean up and store up.

The important thing about the best yoga mat is that some yoga carpet provides perfect grip to surfaces this results in prevent from slipping and some yoga-related injury that may be happening.

*Another name for a yoga mat is ‘sticky mat’ because they offer tons of "grip".

*Thin shape of mat results in easily rollable anywhere and store it where you want.

The thickness of the yoga mat could be around 1/4 inches to 1 inch thick approx.

It is also very important that while performing yogas make sure your yoga mat offers a non-slip surface and will not move around. This will reduce the risk of yoga injury.

When performing yoga training, a cushion helps in preventing fatigue of bones and joints.

Exercise Mats and Yoga Mats  – Are They The Same Thing?

Our yoga mats and exercise mat the same?
The functions of these carpets are the same there is no difference in working they provide extra support and comfortability in workouts.

Yoga mats are for yoga poses.
And exercise carpets are for gymnastics, gym trainer, strength training, stretching, jumping, etc.

These are capable of providing good support in training and prevent us from injury!

But are they the same?
The purpose of these carpets is the same but when we talk about firmness material, thickness, sizes, densities they are different!

If you are thinking all exercise or yoga mats are the same? Think again
All these carpets that are available in the online or offline store have different purposes of use.

Many varieties of carpets are available in the fitness market but different workouts require a different standard of support, which you will find according to your need.

Yoga Mat vs Exercise Mat: How Are They Different?

Gym mat or yoga mat are they different?
We already cover that these all are different in firmness material, thickness, sizes, and density.

The purpose of the Fitness mat vs yoga mat is to provide support and feel comfortable during workouts and also prevent us from ground floor injury.

According to a yogis trainer when doing yoga you have a close connection build-up with the floor and earth this provides an energetic connection.

The important difference between of Gym mat vs yoga mat is-

Gym mat comes in all shapes and sizes and is designed to cushion falls
On the other hand, a yoga mat is made thinner and is designed to keep you from slipping, also soften the ground for your joints that keep you from a yoga injury.

Is there a difference between a yoga mat and an exercise mat?

Is there a difference between a yoga mat and an exercise mat?

Yes, there are some differences out there.
I listed some important major differences between an exercise mat or a yoga mat.

Based on thickness

The exercise mat is about 1 inch thick and can go up to 2 inches thick
While the yoga mat is 1/8 inches thick and goes up to 1/4 inches.

Based on Size

The size of the yoga mat is about
Length- 68 inches
Breadth- 24 inches
While exercise mat is about
Length- 95 inches
Breadth- 48 inches

Purpose of a yoga mat or gym mat

Yoga mat
*It Prevents us from slipping.
*Act as a layer between floor and body
Exercise mat
*It absorbs the shock of jumping exercise
*Provide cushion for floor exercise such as stretching, strength training, jumping, planks, and Pilates, etc.

4 Important difference between a Yoga mat or Exercise mat

1.Yoga mats are designed for low impact workout poses while exercise mats are made for high impact workouts and ground exercises.

2.Yoga mats are made thinner as compared to exercise mats but when we talk about fitness carpets they are made thicker because of high impact workouts.

3.A yoga mat provides a cushion that allows the body to move and feels poses but also is supported because it has a sticky element to it

A gym mat only provides support but when you practice on gym mats you will end up sliding around without grip.

4.They have different functions and what I know of gym mats is that they're meant to be used with shoes on
On the other hand, Yoga mats provide support for bare feet.

Exercise Mat vs Yoga Mat: Their Similarities and Differences

1.Most common yoga and exercise mats are available in the market are made up of polyvinyl chloride i.e PVC (commonly known as)

That is why it very easy to clean and washed with a machine.
Many people do not know that PVC is lightweight and cheap, Which will make them accessible to a more diverse online or offline market.
The answer is No.

Every type of best fitness mat or yoga mat has different functions. Thickness also matters some are used for low impact and some are used for high impact workouts.

2. Are yoga mats and exercise mats the same?

Thickness plays the most important differences in them, Exercise mats are made thicker when compared with yogas mats because certain yoga poses result in a strong connection with the user body's and the floor's surface, when you do yoga you realize that!

Which is better exercise mat vs yoga mat?

Which is better exercise mat vs yoga mat?

Some guys are confused about which one to prefer exercise mat vs yoga mat
Generally, The answer is very simple
It all depends on you what types of activities you are performing to plan.

Through this blog, we hope to increase the awareness of exercise through the mat, try to put some couples of minutes to exercise.

Whichever one you choose, in this blog we are a little confident you are now aware of some basic conditions before purchasing exercise or yoga mat.

Yoga carpets are for yoga poses while exercise carpets are for fitness trainers, gym, home workouts such as planks, squats, stretching, and jumping.

Don't matter whether you are considered buying a yoga or exercise mat, the main purpose of these carpets is to provide extra support and prevent us from ground injury.

It is totally up to you guys which one to choose to get the best results in the journey of health and fitness.

You know the importance of exercise in our daily life it enhances the physical as well as mental health of our body.

You can choose to invest in the top best yoga mats and practice poses and meditating, or you can opt for an exercise mat to aid in your martial arts or gymnastics training.

I hope this blog post cleared your exercise vs yoga mat problem. 

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