6 Best exercise mat for jumping rope 2021

Are you hunting about the best exercise mat for jumping rope in 2021? 

If yes, then this blog post helps in pick out the best exercise mat for jump rope.
Jumping on a rope is the best practice for leg workouts which also impacts your height.

Daily rope jumping increases the height proved by research also.

Pick out the best exercise mat for jumping rope for protecting our knees and ankle.
jumping rope is a plyometric exercise suitable for all ages, gender, and experience levels persons it enhances agility and coordination.

In our adult age, protecting your knees or ankles is very important you already know that whether you are performing in a gym or at home it doesn't matter.

You know that a good floor surface is good for exercise but picking the best exercise mat for jumping rope makes your training safe from workout injury.

Some high-quality jump rope mats or carpets have anti-fatigue properties that allow the trainer to keep a spring in every step this ability will increase your time duration of exercise and keep you enjoy.

There are many reasons to use the Exercise mat for skipping rope I will explain in detail.

6 Best exercise mat for jumping rope in 2021

HemingWeigh Extra Thick and non slip Foam Exercise Mat for indoor as well as outdoor use.

HemingWeigh Extra Thick mat for jumping rope

This mat are made for all purposes use.the material used in this are composed of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber anti-tear premium foam material which is good for both men and women.

This product is designed for non slippery When compared to other mats which are slippery that was very dangerous for your health this will results in injury.

It is made with soft, flexible, and non-toxic NBR material to keep your health in comfort.

Hemingweigh extra-thick workouts mat has a double-sided nonslip surface which creates a perfect grip with body and floor that will always keep you safe while performing workouts.

It is long and wide enough for moves.
Environment-friendly and easy to clean, the best choice for nature-caring yogis like you.

This Exercise mat for jump rope is designed for non-slippery When compared to other mats which are slippery that was very dangerous for your health this will result in injury.

If you perform stretching it is good because it is long and wide enough for moves.

Environment-friendly and easy to clean, the best choice for nature-caring yogis like you. This one is the best exercise mat for jumping rope in the fitness market 2021.


Length-70 inches long.

Wide-23 inches wide.

Thickness-1 inches thick.

Weight of product-3.15 Pounds.


1 The HemingWeigh Extra Thick Foam Mat is not only perfect for your rope jumping but also very good for your other workout training such as yoga, ab workouts, stretching, planks and meditation.

2 This product is very portable and keeps anywhere, if you are a traveler person but not to miss any daily exercise routine this item is a very good fit for your need.

3 it is very light in weight extremely durable.

4 This item is multi-purpose, which can be used in various workouts which I have listed above.


1 By some customers reviews it creates sound when your stretches.

2 I think the odor of this material is lit strongly which takes time to go away.

3 The thickness of the mat creates the pressure from your rope jumping too long.

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Supermats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat 13GS

Supermats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat 13GS

Made up of super-tough, odor-free, PVC material which is very good for protecting the floor from damaging actions of workouts equipment. 

The material used in this mat results is very easy to clean with a damp cloth.

It also has a non-slip surface that is ideal and convenient for any area that prevents us from workout injuries such as knee and ankle.

It has a good absorbing property that absorbs all the shocks of workouts such as rope jumping, heavy equipment, etc.


Length-60 inches in length.

Width-30 inches wide.

Thickness-1 inches approx.

Weight of product-0.47 kg.


1 If you are looking for a heavy-duty mat that you can use not only for your rope jumping but for other intense training workouts, I think this is one of the best exercise mats to pick in 2021.

2 It also lowers the equipment noises to help you to concentrate on your exercise.

3 The 13GS has dimensions 30×60 which can easily fit all your workout equipment such as indoor cycles, steppers, steady-bikes, etc.


1 Consider dimensions it takes a lot of space when used.

2 Sometimes it may happen after many months that it sticks on the ground a bit after prolonged high impact exercise.

3 Not much good for your hardwood, especially if you have light wood.

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EliteSRS Fitness Jump Rope Mat

EliteSRS Fitness Jump Rope Mat

The best jumping rope exercises mat in 2021 for indoor as well as outdoor training.

Composed up of a super-tough, durable vinyl foam material that is designed to reduce the "bounce" of cable speed ropes when they touch the floor of the ground.

Portable jump rope mat that absorbs the shock of jumping rope and also extends the life of the jumping rope. 

This may also lower the risk of upper and lower body injuries (such as the lower back, hip, knee joint, ankle, and foot injuries) that make the best Jump rope mat for joints in 2021.

Used in much multipurpose use such as stretching, calisthenics including rope jump.


Lenght-48 inches in length.

Width- 36 inches wide.

Thickness-0.75 inches thick.

Weight of the product-5.4 pounds.


1 EliteSRS is portable and light in weight that can easily be rolled up and can use for both indoor or outdoor training.

2 Has dampened vibration that may cause wear and tear to equipment and lowers noise so your family members are not disturbed.

3 Easy to wash with a non-slip surface.


1 Smaller as compare to their jumping fitness mats.

2 The thickness of this carpet is not up to the mark.

3 This mat will keep your ropes from wear-and-tear only because the mat itself will wear-and-tear instead.

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LERYG Yoga Mat Large Fitness Exercise Mat

LERYG Yoga Mat Large Fitness Exercise Mat

LERYG yoga mat for yoga or fitness is made up of TPE premium-friendly material. 

It is better eco-friendly when compared to other nongreen PVC or NBR gym mats.

LERYG durable thick yoga mat had some extra cushioning that protects your joints and ankle during workouts.

This is also the best Gym mat for jump rope because of the non-slip surface that would give you excellent grip between floor and body which prevent you from any workout injury it also enhances the focus of mind during rope jumping.


Length-72 inches in length.

Width-24 inches wide.

Thickness-6mm in thickness.

Weight of the product-6.5 pounds.


1 LERYG fitness mat is very easy to clean with a damp cloth.

2 light in weight and durable, easy to carry anywhere, if you are a traveler person but not to miss any daily exercise routine this is the best exercise mat for the jumping rope which is a very good fit for your need.

3 It stays in place and does not move around which is very for rope jumping.


1 Mat is a little bit thick and difficult to fold.

2 it's a long mat rather than wide.

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Kission Skipping Jump Rope Mat

Kission Skipping Jump Rope Mat

Kission design this carpet especially for Jump rope mat and I know guys you love this carpet.

I am saying this because I tested this product and boom this item fits all jumping activities.

Kission oval jump rope mat made from NBR material which includes a strap.

If you are a person who loves strap-in mats then this will be a good choice for you it eases your carrying headache and helps you out in rush places.

Let me explain the dimensions of the rope jumping mat?


Length-50 inches

Width- 24.8 inches

Thickness-2/5 Inch

Weight of the item-3.11 pounds

Why do I recommend you this Item?
Kission is fit for all jumping activities as well as yoga, pilates, and any type of floor exercise where additional cushion and support is helping to Play any type of workout.

Non-toxic and 6p enables your life easy concerning your healthy lifestyle
Kission best mat for jumping rope will be a healthier choice for you and the environment too because it is free from DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP.


1 It includes a strap in it.

2 Good for high-intensity jumping also.

3 Free from toxic chemicals.


1 Very light in weight

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Launch Fitness Indoor And Outdoor Mat For Jumping Rope

Launch Fitness Indoor And Outdoor Mat For Jumping Rope

I love the design of this oval jump rope mat, I hope you also love
Now, talking about why you consider?
Talking about the dimensions of the best outdoor jump rope mat.

Length-52 inches

Width-32 inches

Thickness-1/4 inches

Weight of the item-not known sorry

Launch the best indoor jump rope mat that have a high density made up of PVC  that gives you and your exercise more stability and sturdiness during jumping training.

Like kission best jump rope mat for concrete, it is also suitable for heavy jump ropes, weight lifting, stretching, strength training, floor exercises, and yoga.

Launch carpet absorbs all your jumping shocks while doing jumping activities.
It also works great on carpet, hardwood, tile flooring, garage, or any flat outdoor surface.

The oval shape is great for jumping rope and makes your life easy when on the go.

You will agree with my statement that a round design will take up less space in your home or gym.
We know this best jump rope mat has good length and breadth which will be good for your jumping training.
The 1/4" thick mat is the perfect thickness to meet all of your workout needs I think. The top and bottom surfaces of this mat for jumping rope are equipped with a quality texture that will provide support during slipping.


1 Portable jump rope mat, easy to carry anywhere without headache.

2 Best jump rope material used in launch carpet.

3 Good for indoor and outdoor jump rope mat, works well in the grass (Jump rope mat for grass also).

4 Water and sweat-resistant technology enable the high purchasing power of this circular jump rope mat.


1 The mat is too small.

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Things to consider before buying any mat for jumping rope

If you are going to buy the best mat for jumping rope?
Checkout below checklist before picking any mat for jump rope

1 Thickness

You know the importance of thickness in jumping, without much thick mat results in injury during jumping
So, to break down this problem you need the best thick mat for jumping rope, ok guys.
I have listed the best mat for jumping rope checkout all mats dimensions carefully before picking any jump rope mat.

So the best thickness for a jumping rope is 2 cm approx, you can pick any of those which I have listed.

2 Durability

Durability is also very important when you are a busy person like me, 
After doing a lot of experiments with my mat,
I recommend you to pick out the top in the market in terms of durability, It will save you time to wear.

If you use your fitness mat on a daily routine, pick out one with a protective coating to boost its resistance to wear from sports shoes.

3 Size of mat

If you are doing workouts on your fitness mat, where you repeatedly come in contact with the floor many times
To break down this problem you need to consider a long mat for jumping rope.

An Exercise mat is about

Thickness-1.27 cm thick.

Length-152.4 cm in length.

Breadth- 60.96 cm wide.

4 Price of the product.

Price is not an important factor but it is!
If you are a budget person like me and do not have enough money in your pocket then you should check the 3 factors which I have listed above.
If you find a mat which is of good quality, material and comes in your budget in above mention carpet then I will recommend you to buy the mat for jumping rope without any headache.

The Benefits of Using a Jumping Rope exercise mat in 2021

If you want to take your rope jumping to the upper level, there are some very important benefits to using a mat specifically made for jumping rope.

1 Having the best exercise mat for jumping rope prevent you from knee and ankle injury.

2 High-quality gym mats for jump rope act as a cushion between floor and body that will make our training safe and comfortable also.

3 Makes the soft body landings.

4 Protect the floor from damage, Whenever you do jumping without the carpet this will result in floor cracks.

5 The high-impact workouts can be dangerous for your joints and can also lead to shin splints, especially when you performed daily on a hard surface without an exercise mat.

Read also-Exercise mat vs yoga mat

Other Jump rope accessories to consider

1 Skipping rope

For jumping, you need the best Skipping rope which should help you in skipping the jump.
I recommend you to go with degol Skipping rope.
Degol Skipping rope with ball bearing made of PVC coating can be used for both children and adults.
Degol gives the feature of changing the length you want according to your height.
Degol is suitable for boxing and aerobic training.
Skipping rope is good for burning calories and fat during jumping.

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1 Try to choose an open area for a jump rope and be careful if someone stays near you.

2 Initially start slowly to avoid any jumping injury. I recommend you to go with the top mat for jumping rope.

2 Jump rope shoes

Having the right choice of shoes in jumping plays an important role in jumping
You know while doing jumping, the chances of getting injured are getting high

So that is why you need the best mat for jumping rope and the right pair of shoes which will absorb all your jumping shocks without getting injured.

The best shoes for the jumping rope I recommend was ASICS exercise shoes.
The shoes are typical ASICS. 

They are awesome and the only brand to go with for jumping exercise or HIIT workout.

However, I listened to the reviews and that was a mistake. All these people who are saying they were ‘too small and had to order ‘1-2 sizes’ bigger.....either don’t know their real shoe size or have never worn jumping or running shoes before. 

Jumping shoes are narrow and are suppose to be tight.

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Where to buy a jump rope mat

Does an important question arise when people ask where to buy the best exercise mat for jumping rope?

Before buying check out this post How to choose exercise mat

The answer is straight forward you can buy from an online store like Amazon, you should check out my link to buy the Best jump rope mat 2021 product that fits your needs.

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