How to check blood pressure without machine : Simple hack

How can I test body fluid at home without any machine ?

Did you know that it's possible to check your body fluid at home without any machine read the full post to learn on how to check blood pressure without machine.

Every day we see the people around us getting sick and one of the most common health issues today is altered BP you certainly know someone who has either high or low BP even you may have it but how can we identify a drop or rise in plasma level.

Plasma level is nothing more than the system that transports plasma through the heart and arteries to the brain and the other organs of the body regular plasma force is 120 per 80. If the numbers are above this 140 per 90 or higher we call it hypertension or (high BP)

If they are below 90 per 60 it's a case of hypotension (low BP) a way of differentiating between high and low is by the symptoms when it is low we feel a fading sensation weakness drowsiness blood vision and right mouth.

If your hemoglobin level is high you may get double or blurry vision bringing in the ear's heart palpitations persistent headaches and pain in the back of your head.

But when we are in a remote area and without a BP equipment close by there's no way of knowing if our vital fluid is altered of course the symptoms may help in this case if you were ever caught in this situation before you know what I'm talking about to check your BP without a machine.

All you need is a symbol test stand up close to a wall or tree press the upper part of your hand on the wall and count 60 seconds after this time release your hand and your arm will automatically move

If your arm goes below your shoulder your body fluid is low, the arm at the same level of your shoulder means normal hemoglobin force.

If your arm goes above the shoulder your BP is high. 

What is the best time to test blood pressure ?

So the question is when you're marking high hemoglobin level(hypertension) what's the best time to check BP? It's a great question because it's really not discussed in most doctors offices.

I can tell you what your hemoglobin force will be at 7:00 a.m. Every morning the best way to check your hemoglobin pressure is what I tell my patients you need random readings throughout the day

So one day seven o'clock, one day at two o'clock, one day at five o'clock what I tell my patients is who are hypertensive they keep a wallet in their purse,

or they're in discarding their purse or their wallet and every time they walk into a store where they see a blood-pressure tool they put their arm in it and right on the time date in the numbers you may have perfectly normal plasma force in the morning. 

But as a stress of the job the day increases you may end up having 170 over 110 the end of the day you're not going to catch that to do that once a day if you take random readings two or three times a week you have a much better idea where you're at.

My views on how to examine blood pressure without machine.

Try this method for a quick check but don't forget to schedule a visit to your doctor to investigate the causes of your altered vital fluid. I suggest you to once check your plasma level with the device for accurate result.

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